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How can I get my hostel listed on your site?

EuropeanHostels provides listings for thousands of hostels worldwide. First, please search our site to make sure that your hostel isn’t already listed. If you don’t see your hostel, simply write to uswith your contact information, hostel address and bed prices.

How do I change contact information for my hostel?

If your hostel is already listed on and your listing is out-of-date or needs to be changed, please send an email to us with your updated information.

How do I advertise on EuropeanHostels? is a leading authority in hostel advice and accommodation recommendations for Europe and has a vibrant, rapidly growing audience and community of backpacking travel enthusiasts. EuropeanHostels users are passionate, often opinionated, and are always on the prowl to find new ways to enrich their lives through travel.

If you would like to discuss advertising or other business development opportunities with EuropeanHostels, please send an email to our advertising team.

Note: Please note that EuropeanHostels does not accept payment in exchange for a hostel to be listed on our website. And, of course, we will never accept payment for favorable hostel reviews.

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