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Welcome to European Hostels Salzburg! This compact city was tailored for 10th-century archbishops, but modern Salzburg youth hostels make its sights accessible to budget visitors. Hey, just because Mozart grew up here doesn't mean your budget has to hit a high note!

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Wondering if the Salzburg card is a good idea? Read up on this and more in our Salzburg city guide. The hills are alive with the sound of savings!


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Youth & Family GuesthouseHostel

7.9 guest rating

The Basics: Youth & Family Guesthouse
Situated within a five-minute walk of Salzburg's Old Town, the Youth (JUFA) & Family Guesthouse offers 20 dormitory-sty

Youth & Family Guesthouse, Salzburg

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Yoho International Youth Hostel SalzburgHostel

8.6 guest rating

The Basics: Yoho International Youth Hostel Salzburg
Yoho, a 170-bed hostel in Schallmoos, is known as International Youth Hotel Salzburg. It's one of "Europe's Famous Hostels," which means that you can expect: 1) it's clean and up-to-date 2) it's fun and filled with party-hungry travelers and 3) there's a lot of beer.

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Strawberry Youth Hostel SalzburgHostel

7.3 guest rating

The Basics: Strawberry Youth Hostel Salzburg
The Strawberry Youth Hostel occupies an enviable location close to all of Mozart's hometown action. Guests here are within

Strawberry Youth Hostel Salzburg, Salzburg

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Eduard Heinrich-HausHostel

7.2 guest rating

The Basics: Eduard Heinrich-Haus
Located a 20-minute walk from Salzburg’s Old Town and most city attractions, the Eduard Heinrich-Haus is a hostel with dorm rooms accommodating between one and six guests. Even more appealing, the cafeteria here serves three meals daily. Now who’s in the “haus”?

Eduard Heinrich-Haus, Salzburg
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Stadtalm NaturfreundehausHostel

Hostel Description: SItuated on the Monchsberg mountain in Salzburg, the Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus’ rooms offer unique views from every window.

Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus, Salzburg

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