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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok. You’ve taken the first step. Maybe you’re just confused by something on the site or a page won’t load. You need answers now. To begin the support process, simply choose an area with which you'r...more

Questions about hostels and hostelling

Looking for more information about hostels and how they work? Read our overview of hostelling in Europe, covering everything from hostel rules to the history of hostelling. What is a hostel? Originally, the word hostel...more

Information for hostel owners

Are you a hostel owner and you'd like to get listed on Read how. How can I get my hostel listed on your site? EuropeanHostels provides listings for thousands of hostels worldwide. First, please sea...more

About membership

What are the benefits of membership on EuropeanHostels? Who can become a member? How do I sign up? And where did my username go? What are the benefits of membership? When you become a member of EuropeanHostels, you ins...more