Festival Forecast: Denmark

Midsummer's Night
Throughout Denmark : June 23
The longest day of the year is reason to celebrate with bonfires and parties all over Denmark.

Aalborg Carnival
Copenhagen : May 18-24
The streets of the city fill up with costumed characters celebrating the time of year when winter turns into spring. The official site has more info about the event.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Copenhagen : First Week of July
Indoor and outdoor concerts ranging in style from jazz to electronica happen at various venues all over Copenhagen. Find out who's playing when at the website.

Copenhagen Summer Dance
Copenhagen : mid-August
Open-air performances are held in unique settings and surroundings: the courtyard of the police headquarters for example.

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
Copenhagen : early February                                                                        Number of collections and amount of space keeps growing exponentially making this one of Europe's biggest fashion fairs.

Baltic Sail
Copenhagen : Three Days Near the End of August
Traditional vessels, square-riggers, steamers, historical replicas and navy ships pack the Helsingor harbor giving tourists a nice perspective on Copenhagen's reason for being; boats, boats and more boats.

Dragon Boat Regatta
Copenhagen : August 27
The public is encouraged to buy beer, soft drinks and hot dogs as local nautical teams race for the sake of fun more than competition.

Night of Culture
Copenhagen : mid-October
This is the night to check out what's happening at Copenhagen's cultural venues, as well as places usually not open to the public after dark. Streets all over the city are jammed with activity making it easy to just pop in and out of neighboring events.

Roskilde Music Festival
Roskilde : July
Founded by two high school students in 1971, this event has grown to rival Europe's preeminent Glastonbury festival, and for good reason: the biggest names in rock, heavy metal, hip hop, and electronic play beneath color-coated tents to benefit humanitarian and cultural organizations.