Festival Forecast: Greece

Navy Week
Throughout Greece : End of June-Beginning of July
Throughout Greece, this week is celebrated with reenactments of famous nautical moments; the voyage of the Argonauts, for example.

Athens : Three Weeks Before Lent
Parades with costumes, bands marching in step and drinking with dancing are all part of the agenda for the event known in English as 'Carnival'.

Independence Day and the Feast of the Annunciation
Athens : March 25
Both the religious and the military are celebrated together in this funky mix of men in uniform and churches celebrating with song.

Holy Week Celebrations
Athens : One or Two Weeks After Western Easter
Festival on top of festival is what one will find in the heart and capital of the Greek Orthodox Church. Reenactments, church services and endless feasting are just a part of the schedule. Be aware the city quickly becomes empty on Good Friday making Easter weekend pleasantly quiet or boring, depending on your point of view.

May Day
Athens : May 1
This public holiday is an excuse for locals to take the day off and pick wildflowers for the sake of making wreaths to hang from balconies and doorways.

Athens Festival
Athens : June-Early October
Here's the time to see ancient drama in the town that invented it. It happens at the Odeum of Herodes Atticus, near the Acropolis, and includes opera and ballet performances as well as modern entertainers. Visit the site to learn more.

Apokimisis tis Panayias
Athens : August 15
The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin is a day of pilgrimage home for many Greeks. Hotels can be hard to book at this time.

Ochi Day
Athens : October 28
A day a general said 'no' to Mussolini is a reason to celebrate for the Greeks. And, the spirit of the day is demonstrated with mass patriotism in the form of parades, dancing and music.