Festival Forecast: Netherlands

Holland Festival
Throughout Netherlands : Two Weeks in mid-June
Tulips are bloomin' while clogs are clompin' and high drama is happening while pop music plays in the background during the Holland Festival. Events are not only in Amsterdam, but Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht as well. Visit the website to get in the celebrating mood.

Opening of Keukenhof Gardens
Amsterdam : March-mid-May
The most fantastic flower show on soiled earth happens in Lisse, Netherlands, 24 miles (40km) southwest of the city, at a 70-acre (28ha) garden. Expect to lose yourself in millions of flowers.

Amsterdam : April 30
The streets are jam-packed for this sunrise-to-sunrise Queen's day carnival in celebration of the House of Orange. It helps if you are a fan of the color because you will see it everywhere, maybe even painted on your traveling companion's face.

Amsterdam : May 5
This Liberation Day is in celebration of the country's freedom from the Nazis and a low-key version of Koninginnedag. More streets fairs and music are to be found and heard.

Canalhouse Garden in Bloom
Amsterdam : Late June
For three days, owners of canal side gabled houses open their doors to show off their gardens to the public. Visit the Canal Museums site to learn more.

Amsterdam Pride
Amsterdam : A Few Days in Early August
This is a city where not only is Pride multiple days, but one of those days is dedicated to a boat parade. Bring on the rainbow rafts! Visit the site and get ready to celebrate.

Lowlands Festival
Biddinghuizen : mid-August
Welcome to Lowlands: Population 55,000. For three days this temporary city houses a mishmash of music, stand up comedy, visual arts, literature, and theater. There are also bars, restaurants, a market, and even a daily newspaper. The Lowlands site has lineup info and more.

Landgraaf : Pentecost Weekend (May or June)
One of Europe's oldest open air festivals welcomes the summer festival circuit to the Netherlands. The Pinkpop site has ticket and band information.

North Sea Jazz Festival
Rotterdam : mid-July
Bebop, cool jazz, acid jazz, free jazz, jazz fusion - with 15 stages you're likely to hear it all at this three-day gala founded by a passionate jazz fan in 1975. Visit the North Sea site to see which mega-star is headlining this year.