Festival Forecast: Spain

All Saint's Day
Throughout Spain : November 1
In all of Spain, friends and relatives of the dead visit graves bringing flowers and memories to sacred spots.

Trofeo Conde de Godo
Barcelona : mid-April
Spain's premier international tennis tournament. Visit the official site to get the ball rolling.

Spanish Formula One Grand Prix
Barcelona : May-June
This not-too-thrifty weekend of formula one car racing attracts car fanatics from all over the world. The site has schedules and ticketing info.

Grec Arts Festival
Barcelona : mid-June-Early July
Who can have too much drama, theater or dance? If you find yourself saying "me," then stay away from this drama-filled summer festival.

Verbena de Sant Joan
Barcelona : Two Days During the Last Week of June
Catalans come alive for this night of lights. Bonfire and fireworks accompany dancing until dawn.

Diada de Catalunya
Barcelona : September 11
Wave your flag for Catalonia Independence Day and take to the streets with celebration.

Fiestas de la Merced
Barcelona : September 24
Humans dress like animals in celebration of the city's patron saint, Nostra Senyora de la Merced, the patron saint of animals.

Rocket Sound Festival
Alhama de Granada (near Granada) : late May
Although dance music is primarily featured, the Rocket Sound Festival is one of the most diverse gatherings around: there's traditional and modern Andalucan music and circus performances, sculpture workshops, a children's area, a BMX track, and blues, jazz, and rock stylings as well. Visit the festival's site to get in the groove and learn more.

Madrid : mid-February
ARCO stands for the International Contemporary Art Fair. It's international, it's contemporary and, oh yes, it's an art fair. Visit the site to learn a few more specifics.

Pasarela Cibeles
Madrid : mid-February
It's not quite at the caliber of New York or Milan's fashion extravaganzas, but it's still beautiful people and creative clothes. The fashione event's website has more info.

Madrid Carnaval
Madrid : 40 Days Before Easter
The big parade happens on the Paseo de la Castellana leading to a masked ball at the Circulo de Bellas Artes the next night. Visit this site to find out more.

Fiestas de San Isidro
Madrid : May 8-15
Spain's bullfighting obsession equals a great bullfight in the country's capital city at the Las Ventas bullring.

Peugeot Open de Espana
Madrid : mid-May
Yes, the Spanish like golf, too. This is Spain's major golf tournament. The event's site has comprehensive info.

Virgen de la Paloma
Madrid : August 11 and August 15
Be on the look out for thousands of people racing through the streets of the city while neighbors throw water on them to cool off from windows above.

Madrid Autumn Festival
Madrid : September-October
Lots-o-drama, lots-o-dance, and, of course, lots-o-music performed by lots-o-nationalities.

Festival of Ancient Music
Seville : February-March
If it ain't baroque don't fix it. Make it a point to make it to Seville's Festival of Ancient Music, where you have early period instruments and with them fantastic period music.

Semana Santa
Seville : Late April
At the height of Easter Week what better way to celebrate than a weeklong party while hooded penitents sing a love song to the Virgin and Christ.

Feria de Sevilla
Seville : Second Week After Easter
If Flamenco is your thing, this is the time to do it all night long. All sorts of other entertainment appear on the bill as well; bull fighting and horseback riding included.

Corpus Christi
Seville : Beginning of June
Big processions in the streets mark the day.

Bocairente Festival of Christians and Moors
Valencia : First Week of February
Fireworks and parades are set off with re-enactments of the fight between Christians and Moors.

Las Fallas
Valencia : mid-March
If the burning of effigies doesn't float your boat, maybe a week-long party with all-night dancing, drinking, and, of course, fireworks will. The Fallas site has all you need to know.

La Tomatina
Valencia : Last Wednesday in August
This is the big tomato fight 25 miles (40km) west of Valencia you may have seen and heard about. Rumor had it tourists go down first. Visit the event's site and start practicing.

Valencia : mid-October
What better time of year to have an enormous flower show? Valencia's Iberflora attracts flower lovers from all parts of the world. The Iberflora site offers a taste of the colorful beauty on display.