Festival Forecast: Sweden

Walpurgis Night
Stockholm : April 30
Make some noise to drive away evil spirits on this holiday similar to Halloween in that it marks a new farming season and gives kids a reason to dress up and pull pranks.

Summer Solstice
Stockholm : Late June 
Maypole dances, accordions and fiddles ring in the longest day and shortest night of the year.

Nobel Day
Stockholm : December 10
This is the day the big ceremony is held at the concert hall and banquet at City Hall. Visit the Nobel Prize site to learn more about the prestigious event.

Festival of Lights
Stockholm : December 13
Don't be afraid if you see ghosts walking around at night wearing head candles. Most likely, they are the white robed 'Lucias' and 'star boys' waving wands in observance of the shortest day and longest night of the year.

Sweden Rock Festival
Norje : mid-June
The Sweden Rock Festival exhausts the metal catalogue and features classic stadium headliners like Alice Cooper, Def Leopard, and Judas Priest. Air guitar optional. Visit the festival's site to learn more.