Salzburg neighborhoods

Altstadt - "Old City"

The Altstadt is home to some of Salzburg’s most lovely structures, including plenty of baroque churches and centuries-old townhouses. Plenty of cafes and tourist shops line the streets, though the real show-stopper is the striking backdrop of mountains.

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Located on the north side of town, Lehen is a quiet residential area filled with parks and bike trails. The area is of little touristic interest, though it provides the opportunity to see locals going about their daily lives. From Lehen, the rest of Salzburg is accessible by bus.

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Hotels in Monchsberg are in close proximity to the stunning Mount Monchsberg, the centerpiece of a recognized national park, and are typically located in more residential neighborhoods. 

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Outer Salzburg

Hostels in this area are a bit removed from the center of town and may or may not be accessible by public transportation.

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Right Bank & Linzergasse

The Right Bank is home to Salzburg’s pedestrian-only boulevard, the Linzergasse, along with many hotel options. Narrow winding streets and cute shops, combined with lovely buildings, keep the tourist crowds coming.

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Schallmoos & Station

East of Salzburg’s train station, the Schallmoos neighborhood is home to many affordable hotels. The area is largely residential, though easy access to the Altstadt keeps it connected to the action.

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