Budapest neighborhoods

Belvaros - Center

Belvaros is located on Budapest’s eastern side (also known as Pest). The hood boasts ancient streets and plenty of tourist attractions. Highlights include the Inner City Parish, the Klotild Palaces, and the Párizsi Udvar arcade. Belvaros is also home to a fair share of tourist traps: Steer clear of the overpriced restaurants.

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While Erzsebetvaros was a Jewish neighborhood up to World War II, the only reminder of its past is the Moorish-style Great Synagogue. The rest of the area is characterized by Soviet-era buildings and local businesses. Come nightfall, Erzsbetvaros is nightlife central, with cafes, bars, and restaurants keeping things hopping.

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Gellert Hill

Gellért Hill is located on the western side of the Danube and offers up Budapest at its most picturesque. The main draws include the Citadella, which offers wonderful views of Pest, and the Gellért Hotel with its famous spa.West of the hills, you’ll find cheap accommodation options, along with office buildings and residences.

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Lipotvaros is an expansive neighborhood boasting some of Budapest’s most famous architecture. From Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque, buildings such as the Parliament and the Ministry of Culture are an encyclopedia of styles. The area also hosts the Ethnographical Museum, located just across the street from the Parliament building.

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Outer Budapest

Hostels in this hood are located on the outskirts of town and may or may not be accessible by public transportation.

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