Vienna neighborhoods


Located north of Vienna’s city center, Alsergrund is a student-friendly neighborhood thanks to the presence of the University of Vienna. The area boasts a slew of cheap eateries and a few affordable hotels.

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Around Vienna

These hotels are located in districts that sit outside of Vienna's city center and Innere Stadt (inner ring). Most hotels are close to transportation and make it easy to get to and from the main sights.

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Located on the south side of the city, the Favoriten hood is home to many residences and leafy parks.

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Mariahilf & Station

The Mariahilf hood is home to Vienna’s most exclusive boutiques and shops. Wander away from Mariahilferstrasse to find more authentic cafes and local hangouts. To the south of Mariahilf is the Westbahnhof train station.

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Located north of the posh Mariahilf neighborhood, Neubau is rough around the edges. Nonetheless, the area is Vienna’s nightlife center, with revelers and the accompanying noise filling the streets. The area is also home to many of the city’s museums, including the Museum of Modern Art. Neubau boasts a striking number of antique shops, among other specialty stores.

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