Bordeaux City Transportation

Bordeaux is small enough to enjoy on foot, though the city has both a bus and a tram system. Bordeaux City Transportation


Bordeaux hosts many wonderful walking tours. The city is small enough to enjoy by foot and at your leisure.

Tram and Bus

Inaugurated on December 21, 2004, the Bordeaux tramway is made up of 10 kilometers of track. It's virtually silent and environmentally safe. The Bordeaux bus system serves the whole city. Tickets can be used for both modes of transportation.

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Tram and Bus Tickets

One trip: €1.40

One tram and bus combination: €3

Five trips: €5.20

10 trips: €10.30

Seven days: €10.10


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Most popular hostels in Bordeaux (by views)

map marker #2

Doubles from $59

Distance 0.65 km

map marker #3
Le Chantry

Doubles from $79

Distance 0.34 km

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Doubles from $54

Distance 0.49 km

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Stars Bordeaux Gare

Doubles from $40

Distance 2.49 km

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Hôtel Royal Médoc

Doubles from $72

Distance 0.83 km