Marseille neighborhoods

La Canebiere

A large boulevard that runs down to Marseille’s port, La Canebiere is a bustling part of town. You’ll find a mix of cafés, shops, and hotels along the street.

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Place Castellane

Located south of the Vieux Port, the Place Castellane is a large square with a pretty fountain. The surrounding area is packed with cute cafés.

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St. Charles Station

This hood is named after the St. Charles train station on the north end of town. Marseille’s main tourist sites are a short walk away from this area.

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Vélodrome Stadium

South of the city center, the Velodrome Stadium is the premiere place to watch football in Marseille. This isn’t the most hopping area of town, though all attractions are accessible by public transportation.

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Vieux Port - Center

The Vieux Port (Old Port) is adjacent to the city’s historic center. The area is home to many museums and La Vieille Charité church. There’s plenty of activity in this hood, though that means a noisy scene at night.

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