Siena City Information

Siena City InformationWe explain the geography of Siena below, so you can hit the town running.

City layout

Think of a Y. This is Siena, with two deep valleys breaking the city into thirds (terze). The southern region, the Terza di San Martino, follows Via Banchi di Sotto (which, take note, has several names) along an arch that encloses Siena's historic center, Piazza del Campo (and, with it, the Palazzo Pubblico).

If you're itching to seek out another Italian duomo, however, swing southwest along the Via di Citta to the western region, Terza di Citta, where you'll run into Siena's Duomo and the Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana. Otherwise, follow Via di Citta north past Via Banchi di Sotto and onto Via Banchi di Sopra to reach the northern region, Terza di Camollia. Here is where you'll find a majority of Siena's sleeping accommodations, as well as rivaling Franciscan and Dominican basilicas, the Chiesa di San Domenico and the Chiesa di San Francesco.

Hostel overview

Beautiful, medieval Siena is a quiet quiet, in fact, that it only has one official HI hostel. It's no surprise that securing a bed between Easter and October can be difficult, especially during Il Palio, the festival where wild horses race around the town. (We're not making this up. It's an amazing, wonderful thing.) Don't get the online listings and book far in advance.

Most popular hostels in Siena (by views)

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Castello di Selvole

Doubles from $41

Distance 10.47 km

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Fattoria di Cavaglioni

Doubles from $57

Distance 8.21 km

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Le Fonti di Pescaia

Doubles from $69

Distance 0.27 km

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Doubles from $63

Distance 0.76 km

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A Casa Mia

Doubles from $69

Distance 1.9 km