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7.9 guest rating
#1 on the map

La Magnolia B&BOther

Via Jacopo Foroni 8 (Cittadella Porta Nuova)

Hostel Description Just a short walk from the train station, the La Magnolia B&B is convenient and cheery. Three guestrooms are available, all...full details

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9.1 guest rating
#2 on the map

In the SunB&B

Via San Vincenzo 3A (Around Verona)

Hostel Description Set in the hills of Verona, the B&B In The Sun is ideal for those who value nature over a city-center location. The B&B...full details

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8.9 guest rating
#3 on the map

B&B VeronettaGuesthouse

Via Muro Padri n.40 (Borgo Venezia and San Michele)

Hostel Description The B&B Veronetta is located near the University in the center of the city. Both a double and single room are available. Br...full details

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