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Summer Youth Hostel Mlada GardaHostel

SDaJ Mlada Garda Racianska 103, 831 02 (Outer Bratislava)

Hostel Description A bit removed from the city center, the Summer Youth Hostel Mlada Garda provides cheap beds in the dormitories of the Slovak Un...full details

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8.3 guest rating
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Downtown Backpacker HostelHostel

Panenska 31 (Staré Mesto)

The Basics: Downtown Backpacker Hostel The Downtown Backpackers Hostel is located in Old Town, near most of Bratislava’s bars and tourist attractions. Dorms and...full details

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8.0 guest rating
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Patio Hostel1 star hotel

Špitálska 35 (Staré Mesto)

The Basics: Patio Hostel Located in Old Town, the Patio Hostel is cheap and convenient. Dorms and rooms with private bathrooms are available. Internet a...full details

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