Seville City Transportation

Seville City TransportationSeville has a bus system, though walking is a perfectly adequate option.


The heart of Seville is small enough to enjoy on foot.


Most of the buses on the TUSSAM bus line run every 10 minutes and converge at Plaza Nueva, Plaza de la Encarnacion and in front of the cathedral. Lines C-3 and C-4 circle the city center. The night bus departs from Plaza Nueva every hour from midnight-2 AM and all night on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Alkimoto, at Calle Fernando Tirado 5, rents out this speedy, yet noisy, option. One day rental is €21. Tel : 9 54 58 49 27; Fax : 9 54 58 49 27


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Most popular hostels in Seville (by views)

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Oasis Backpacker's Hostel

Doubles from $62

Distance 0.96 km

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Samay Sevilla Hostel
thumbnail of Samay Sevilla Hostel

Doubles from $10

Distance 1.04 km

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Seville Picasso Backpacker
thumbnail of Seville Picasso Backpacker

Doubles from $13

Distance 0.31 km

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Sevilla Inn Backpackers

Doubles from $57

Distance 0.62 km

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Sevilla Urbany Hostel

Doubles from $34

Distance 1.33 km