Free Things To Do in Lyon

Lyon's scenery provides a perfect, money-free way to enjoy the city. We'll tell you where to go. Free Things To Do in Lyon

Free Attractions

The neighborhoods of Presq'ile and southern Terreaux are the perfect place to walk around for no money at all. A couple of tree-lined pedestrian streets go from Place' to 'Place' making for a beautiful stroll. Starting either from Place de la Comedie in the north or Place Carnot south, rue Victor Hugo and rue de la Republique together make up a mile (1.6km) of walking space. The Musee des Beaux-Arts across rue Constantine from Place des Terreaux charges admission. However, the cloister gardens can be enjoyed for free and make a perfect setting for a picnic.

Old Lyon, across the Saone River to the west of Presq'ile shows off cobblestone streets and medieval and Renaissance houses. The Cathedrale St-Jean is in this neighborhood as well. Built from the late 11th-16th centuries, it is a must-see sight with a Roman feel.

Most popular hostels in Lyon (by views)

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Les Carres Pegase

Doubles from $50

Distance 0.76 km

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Doubles from $55

Distance 1.19 km

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de Bretagne

Doubles from $53

Distance 0.99 km

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Doubles from $91

Distance 0.88 km

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Des Savoies

Doubles from $67

Distance 1 km