Athens neighborhoods


Exarchia exudes a youthful, student vibe. In addition to scores of cafes, you'll find graffiti, music shops, and young, left-wing students. Exarchia also offers some first-rate attractions, including the National Archaeological Museums and the Athens Polytechnic.

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Along with Plaka, Monastiraki is Athens' most tourist-friendly neighborhoods. Retail stores and tourist shops surround Monastiraki Sqaure, though some alleyways provide a break from the heavy flow of pedestrian traffic.

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Omonia boasts a wide variety of restaurants, immigrant shops, and plenty of transportation options. Though the neighborhood is not the most picturesque area of Athens, Omonia boasts affordable hotels and an international flavor. Just keep in mind the area can get a bit seedy after dark.

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Outer Athens

Hostels in this hood are located outside of Athens' city center and may or may not be accessible by public transportation.

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Plaka is Athens at its most touristy. The neighborhood has the winding alleys, ancient architecture, and quaint tavernas that visitors seek out, though government buildings and upscale cafes abound here as well.

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This hood is best known for Victoria Square, a bustling (and somewhat seedy) area directly north of the city center. The National Museum is nearby.

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