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Welcome to European Hostels Zurich! There's no need to miss out on a Swiss-made trip just because hotel rooms here can cost a too many francs. In other words, you don't have to be rich to hang in Zurich. Find a youth hostel with our complete list here. Then, read up on how to save more with our city guide.

Trust us. You'll be yodeling all the way to your Swiss bank account.

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Youthhostel ZurichHostel

7.9 guest rating

The Basics: Youthhostel Zurich
Situated south of city center, Youthhostel Zurich has over 280 beds on five floors. Each floor is equipped with communal shower

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Zic Zac Rock Hotel1 star hotel

6.0 guest rating

The Basics: Zic Zac Rock Hotel
The ZicZac Rock-Hotel is located smack-dab in the middle of Zurich. Inside, guests can make use of the restaurant and bar and m

Zic Zac Rock Hotel, Zurich
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Hotel Otter2 star hotel2 star hotel

8.0 guest rating

Hostel Description: The Hotel Otter is a simple, budget-friendly pick in Old Town. Rooms have a sink, and bathroom and shower facilities are locate

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