Zurich City Information

Zurich City InformationZurich is easy to navigate, though this quick guide to the city's layout makes getting around that much simpler.

City Layout

The Limmat River splits Zurich into east and west. On the west side is the upscale shopping street Bahnhofstrasse that runs south from the Hauptbahnhof and parallel to the Limmat. Two-thirds of the way down Bahnhofstrasse is the town center, Paradeplatz, and at the most southern end is Burkliplatz. On the east side of the river, you will find the University district, and with it the Niederdorfstrasse, a college strip pumping with bars, restaurants, and hostels. 

Hostel Overview

Zurich is home to both financiers and free-spirits, but apparently not to young travelers. There are few hostel options. If you bag a room in the central, laid-back option, free from lockout and a curfew, you can party all night in the nooks and crannies of the old town. Otherwise, you might opt for the HI hostel, one that is not only situated far, far outside the city center, but that is also overpriced and fussy. Its few plus points are its proximity to Lake Zurich and nearby cultural center. Make sure to book ahead for mid-August stay, as the city comes alive with its annual lake parade.

Most popular hostels in Zurich (by views)

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Zic Zac Rock Hotel
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Doubles from $119

Distance 1.6 km

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Youthhostel Zurich

Doubles from $40

Distance 4.48 km

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Hotel Otter

Doubles from $156

Distance 2.03 km