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Slavikova 22 (entrance from Krizkovskeho street) Praha 3
Prague, Czech Republic

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Hostel Description

Located in Vinohrady near a metro station, the Hostel Svehlova is a convenient option. Dorms, triples, and twin rooms are available. Linen is included and check-in is 24-hour. Internet access is available. The hostel is only open in the summer, from July 10th to September 9th.

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Our users' reviews

"Good, cheap place - but very dirty"

6.0 guest rating


Definitely not one of the nicer hostels that I've stayed at, but if you're looking for a cheap bed and have no expectations, then it's perfect for you. I'll admit that the bathrooms were disgusting and unclean; if you're unused to open communal showers (shared by both men/women) you may feel slightly uncomfortable, but there is running hot water. The rooms were modestly furnished and spacious, but if you don't leave the windows open, it can become unbearably warm during the summer nights. Also, my British roommate was unfortunate enough to have bedbugs; he left with nearly 50 swollen bites that ran up and down his arms...but I experienced no personal discomfort. I guess just check to ensure if the bedsheets are clean and have been changed? Also, there is no safe in the hostel where you can lock valuable items up; each room is given only one key to share between the 3-4 roommates, which can make leaving and coming back to your room sometimes difficult; if your roommate has forgotten has locked the door to your room and forgotten tp leave the key at the front desk when he/she has gone out, you may have a hard time accessing your stuff - there are apparently no spare keys on hand kept at reception... The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the hostel was conviently placed near a metro that made access to the city quick and easy. The directions of how to reach the hostel from the airport and train station was also very informative and made travelling easier. The two computers with free internet made available were very slow and often occupied by other hostel members, so don't count on being able to use the computers extensively or whenever you may really need it last minute. The only real complaint I have is that the hostel was sorely lacking in a meeting area in the reception hall - not very warm or decorated, with only stark concrete walls and temporairly placed desks where the computers could be used. This made it harder to meet people at the hostel, which was a shame, as I find exploring and going out for a few drinks with strangers part of the fun of travelling. Still, Prague is a beautiful city, and was one of my favourite destinations in eastern europe. But if you're looking for a more relaxing/comfortable visit, maybe look into a cheap hotel. cheers!

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Hotel Address

Slavikova 22 (entrance from Krizkovskeho street) Praha 3
Vinohrady, Prague, Czech Republic

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  1. Breakfast Available (charge)
  2. Children Friendly
  3. Elevator/Lift
  4. Guest Kitchen
  1. Luggage Storage
  2. Reception: Always open
  3. Tourist information
  4. Wi-Fi (Free)
  1. Linen/Bedding Included

About the Alfa Tourist Service - Hostel Svehlova neighborhood

Southeast of Stare Mesto, the Vinohrady neighborhood is packed with art nouveau buildings and cute cafes. The area is home to the Church of the Sacred Heart along with many other impressive architectural works. Vinohrady is popular with locals, who come here for the cheap wine and the sceney nightlife.

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