Athens City Transportation

Athens City TransportationAthens is a hilly city, so the bus and metro come in handy. We outline the transportation options below.


Many sights in Athens are near one another making this a great city for pedestrians. Just keep in mind that the terrain gets hilly, especially on the way up to the Parthenon.

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Bus and Trolley:


Thanks to the 2004 Olympics, the new metro system – which goes in and around central Athens – is really easy to use. Made up of three lines, the 2 red moves north to south, the 3 blue goes southwest to northeast and the 1 green rides in the same direction as the blue, but heads even further north. Trains run every three minutes during peak times of the day and every 10 minutes at all other times.

Bus and Trolley

The network is extensive, but very crowded at peak times and traffic on Athenian roadways is horrendous. Tickets for buses must be bought in advance from kiosks.

Metro, Bus and Trolley Tickets

One-ride metro ticket: €.80

One-ride tram ticket: €.60

90-minute ticket (bus, trolley, tram): €.70

24-hour pass for all city transportation: €3

One week: €10

One month: €38

One trip within two or more sections on line: €1.75


Surprisingly difficult to hail, a taxi is worth the effort since it's cheap. Most rides won't cost you more than €4. The custom is for drivers to pick up other drivers as they go. Don't be afraid to share!

Taxi Rates

Starting Rate: €1.05

Minimum Charge: €2.50

Airport Surcharge: €3.00

Luggage (over 10 kilos): €.30 each


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Note: All prices were accurate when compiled. Please check the Web site listed for the most up-to-date information.


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