Antwerp City Information

Learn the lay of the land before you arrive in Antwerp. Read on to learn where the best attractions are located. Antwerp City Information

City Layout

Antwerp is divided into many districts, though most tourist attractions are located within roughly the same area, in the city center. The historical center of town is the City Hall/Market Square area, and it's chock-full of medieval Flemish guild houses. Shopping and eating options are clustered around the central train station. Wander south of the station to find the diamond district or head north of the center to glimpse a medieval castle on the banks of the Schelde River.

Hostel Overview

Antwerp's got all the things that are a girl's best friend: diamonds, chocolate, and, uh, youth hostels! Historic hostels, palatial hostels, central hostels and probably a few scummy hostels... Antwerp's got 'em! The hostels can be a bit pricey, so be careful what you pay for. After all, there is so much shopping to do!

Most popular hostels in Antwerp (by views)

map marker #2
Den Heksenketel Hostel

Doubles from $20

Distance 0.25 km

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New International Youth Hotel

Doubles from $39

Distance 1.05 km

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Boomerang Hostel

Doubles from $14

Distance 0.82 km

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Doubles from $22

Distance 1.4 km

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Antwerp Billard Palace

Doubles from $55

Distance 0.6 km