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Ligne d'Azur
The Ligne d'Azur runs much of the public transportation system in Nice.

Info Tram
The tramway in Nice is nice if you are staying uphill from the beach.

Aéroport Nice Cote d'Azur
Find a sunny terminal in the Nice Cote d'Azur airport and relax.

Musée National: Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall has his own museum in a nearby beach town.

Musée d'Art Moderne et D'Art Contemporain
The beach in Nice doesn't have a monopoly on sculptured bodies. Nice's Museum of Modern Art has its own art to offer.

Musée Matisse
The works of Matisse look good at his museum by the beach.

Most popular hostels in Nice (by views)

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Backpackers Chez Patrick
thumbnail of Backpackers Chez Patrick

Doubles from $18

Distance 0.17 km

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Hotel Pastoral
thumbnail of Hotel Pastoral

Doubles from $30

Distance 0.22 km

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Hostel Baccarat

Doubles from $57

Distance 0.21 km

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Villa Saint Exupery
thumbnail of Villa Saint Exupery

Doubles from $52

Distance 2.73 km

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Nice Home Sweet Home
thumbnail of Nice Home Sweet Home

Doubles from $55

Distance 0.49 km