Dublin City Transportation

Dublin City TransportationDublin is perfect for walking, though a bus system provides service to the city.


Most main attractions in downtown Dublin are close enough that walking from sight to sight is possible. Be sure to get your hands on a map first, though. Streets in this town have a tendency to change names more than once.


Dublin has an extensive network. Fares can be paid in exact change only.

More information at: http://www.dublinbus.ie/

Bus Tickets

One ride (within 23 zones): €1-2.20

Suburban fares: €2.20, €3.50, €4.50

One-day pass: €6

Five one-day passes: €20

One-day bus and rail pass: €10.20

Three-day bus pass: €13.30

Seven-day student pass: €24

Nitelink bus ride, depending on destination: €4-6


Information at: www.dublin-airport.com.

Note: All prices were accurate at the time they were compiled. Please check the Web sites listed for the most up-to-date information.

Most popular hostels in Dublin (by views)

map marker #2
Globetrotters Tourist Hostel

Doubles from $57

Distance 1.13 km

map marker #3
Paddy's Palace Dublin
thumbnail of Paddy's Palace Dublin

Doubles from $30

Distance 1.12 km

map marker #4
Isaacs Hostel Dublin

Doubles from $67

Distance 1.16 km

map marker #5
Abraham House

Doubles from $11

Distance 1.16 km

map marker #6
Marlborough Hostel

Doubles from $0

Distance 0.96 km