Florence City Transportation

Florence City TransportationFlorence is a small city, but it doesn't hurt to learn about the bus system in case your feet get tired.


Florence is small enough to get around on foot. In fact, much of the town is blocked off to automobiles. Everything touristy is within a 20-minute walk.


Small, electronic ATAF buses circle around the city. A single ticket is valid for 70 minutes. Children 4-12 are eligible for reduced fares.

More information at: www.ataf.net.

Bus Tickets

Single ticket: €1.20

Four-ticket pack: €4.50

10-ride card: €10

21-ride card: €20

24 hours: €5

Three days: €12


The Florentine tourism board is encouraging people to ride bikes by providing them for free, during the day, at bike stands set up all over the city. Provided by Firenze Parcheggi, the public garage authority.

More information on Firenze Parcheggi rental: www.firenzeparcheggi.it.


Both scooters and bikes can be rented at Alinari. Prices vary.

More information at www.alinarirental.com/


Information at: www.aeroporto.firenze.it.

Note: All prices were accurate when compiled. Please check the Web sites listed for the most up-to-date information.

Most popular hostels in Florence (by views)

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Luna Rossa
thumbnail of Luna Rossa

Doubles from $29

Distance 0.99 km

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Eurostudent home
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Doubles from $0

Distance 0.31 km

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Alekin Hostel
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Doubles from $0

Distance 0.68 km

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Hostel Archi Rossi
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Doubles from $57

Distance 1.2 km

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Locanda Rocco
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Doubles from $21

Distance 0.64 km