Florence neighborhoods

Near the Duomo

The Duomo, a stately dome designed by famed Italian architect Brunelleschi, is one of Florence’s best-known landmarks. It’s also a popular meeting point for tourists, as many other attractions—including the Uffizi Museums, the San Lorenzo Market, and the Accademia—are nearby. The streets surrounding the Duomo offer up plenty of high-fashion shopping temptations, though souvenir shops and small boutiques abound as well.

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Oltrarno - Santo Spirito

On the southern bank of the Arno River, the Oltrarno hood boasts a mix of quiet, residential streets and a lively bar scene around Piazza Santo Spirito. Other neighborhood attractions include the Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens.

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Outer Florence

These hostels are located outside of Florence's city center and may or may not be accessible by public transportation.

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S. M. Novella & Station

In the center of town near Florence’s main train station, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella is the anchor point in this diverse hood. Dingy streets are balanced out quaint, winding alleys lined with boutiques and shops. Steer clear of tourist throngs and pickpockets in the piazza.

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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a diverse, multicultural hood north of Florence’s main train station. The majority of the city’s immigrant population lives in San Lorenzo, making for a vibrant scene with plenty of international dining options. Head to this hood for the cheapest dining options in town.

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San Marco

San Marco boasts some of Florence’s most popular attractions, including the famed David statue and the Accademia. Steer clear of overpriced, touristy restaurants and head north toward the university, where trendy shops and bars hold court.

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Santa Croce

This neighborhood boasts the Santa Croce cathedral, along with a bustling piazza. North of the cathedral, in Sant’Ambrogio, the scene is younger and less touristy.

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