Venice neighborhoods

Around Venice

Hostels in this hood are located on the outskirts of Venice and may or may not be accessible by public transportation.

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Located on the north side of Venice, Cannaregio is home to many of the city’s best cheap sleeps. The hood also hosts the former Jewish Ghetto and the strikingly ornate Ca d’ Oro palace. Cannaregio is bordered by the train station and the Rialto Bridge.

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A mostly residential area of Venice, Castello is nonetheless home to quite a few affordable hotels. The area also boasts the Arsenale Naval Museum. You’ll want to head elsewhere for dining and partying options, as Castello is largely sedate.

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Dorsoduro - Accademia

Dorsoduro is both artsy and extremely expensive. The neighborhood is home to the Accademia and Guggenheim museums, along with many galleries and cafes. Dorsoduro is also the site of the University Ca’ Foscari. If you’re looking for nightlife, head to the Campo Santa Margherita.

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Composed of many islands on the south side of Venice, the Giudecca hood was home to a banished Jewish community in the Middle Ages and home to Venetian nobles a few centuries later. Today, it’s a working-class residential area. Giudecca is separated from the city by the Canal della Giudecca.

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San Marco - Rialto

San Marco is the touristy heart of Venice. Main attractions, including the Piazza San Marco and Saint Mark’s Basilica, are located in this neighborhood, and the streets are accordingly crowded. Shops and restaurants fill the streets, though things are calmer on the south side of the neighborhood, near the San Stefano church.

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San Polo

San Polo is a less touristy, more diverse side of Venice. Here you’ll find outdoor markets, intimate restaurants, and beautiful houses. San Polo is located north of the Rialto Bridge and San Marco.

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Santa Croce

Situated near Santa Lucia station, Santa Croce is home to many budget hotels. The eastern half of the hood is home to many examples of medieval architecture, though the west side is more firmly in this century.

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