Cheap hostels in Plantagebuurt, Amsterdam

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A quiet, leafy neighborhood, the Plantagebuurt has a difficult history. The area became a Jewish ghetto during World War II, though the only reminders of this are the Jewish museum and the synagogue. Plantagebuurt is home to the Rembrandt House Museum and the Amsterdam zoo.

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Plantageparklaan 8 (Plantagebuurt)

The Basics: Hortus
Located in Plantagebuurt, about a twenty-minute walk from Amsterdam’s Central Station and just ten-minutes on foot from the Rembrandt House Museum, the Hortus is a one-star hotel that’s well poised for traveling to the main city sights.

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6.0 guest rating
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Hostel CentraalHostel

Plantage Kerklaan 19 (Plantagebuurt)

Hostel Description: Situated directly across the street from the expansive (and super fun!) Artis Zoo in Amsterdam’s Plantagebuurt neighborhood, the Hostel Centraal is a small hostel offering 14 rooms for backpackers ages 18-28.

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Passenger Ship Maria AlbertaGuesthouse

Oosterdok (Plantagebuurt)

The Basics: Passenger Ship Maria Alberta
Docked in Amsterdam’s Nautisch Kwartier (Nautical Corner) near Central Station, the Passenger Ship Maria Alberta provides a B&B-style option, from communal breakfast to ship cabin lodgings, for those wanting to spend a unique night in Amsterdam.

Passenger Ship Maria Alberta, Amsterdam
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Vita NovaHostel

Oosterdok T/O 4 (Plantagebuurt)

Hostel Description: Docked in the Plantagebuurt neighborhood with easy access to Central Station and the Nemo Science Center, the Vita Nova is a hostel-on-a-ship.

Vita Nova, Amsterdam

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