Rome City Transportation

You'll want to use public transportation in Rome, as the cobblestoned streets are hard on the legs. Info on the metro, tram, and bus system is below.


Cobblestones and rugged ground in the Roman Forum won't make for the easiest journey for your feet, but the natural terrain of the Eternal City is certainly less confusing than the train and bus system. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes.

Metro, Tram, and Bus

The metro is made up of two lines intersecting at the main Termini station. Bus routes are confusing, yet a great way to see the city. Night buses run all night at 30-minute to one-hour intervals, but are unreliable.

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Metro, Tram, and Bus Tickets

One Metro ride or 90-minute bus ride: €1

One-day unlimited: €4

Three-day tourist ticket: €11

One week: €16


Public transportation in Rome is just crazy enough to encourage us to recommend trying out a Roman taxi. Though they are expensive, they are convenient. Meters start at €2.33 and passengers are charged for distance. The night surcharge is €2.58 and on Sundays, riders pay an extra €1.03. Per suitcase charge is €1.04.


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Note: All prices were accurate when compiled. Please check the Web sites listed for the most up-to-date information.

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