Barcelona City Transportation

Barcelona City TransportationBarcelona is an expansive city, so chances are you'll hop on board at some point. We have the lowdown on the Metro, bus, and more.


Sights in Barcelona are spread out, making public transportation an attractive option. 

Metro, Bus, FGC, Ferrocarrils and Nitbus

The following passes can be used interchangeably for the Metro, bus, urban line of the FGC commuter trains, ferrocarrils, and the Nitbus. Together they provide extensive coverage of the city.

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Metro, Bus, FGC, Ferrocarrils and Nitbus Tickets

One-trip: €1.40

10-rides for multiple passengers: €7.85

One day: €5.90

Three days: €15.90

Five days: €24.10

One month: €48.85

Three months: €134.10 


Information at: Barcelona Airport's Official Web site.

Note: All prices were accurate when compiled. Please check the Web sites listed for the most up-to-date information.

Most popular hostels in Barcelona (by views)

map marker #2
Melon District Poble Sec
thumbnail of Melon District Poble Sec

Doubles from $39

Distance 1.55 km

map marker #3
Itaca Hostel

Doubles from $69

Distance 0.54 km

map marker #4
Sant Jordi Sants Hostel
thumbnail of Sant Jordi Sants Hostel

Doubles from $0

Distance 3.63 km

map marker #5
Hostal Gat Xino

Doubles from $75

Distance 0.97 km

map marker #6
Gothic Point Hostel
thumbnail of Gothic Point Hostel

Doubles from $10

Distance 0.92 km