Paris City Transportation

Paris has an impressive metro system, though plenty of gorgeous boulevards just beg for a stroll. Read on to learn more about the transportation options.


Paris City Transportation

Paris is a gorgeous city made for pedestrians. Stroll along the left bank of the Seine and take in the merchants and cafes. If you are going from the Tour Eiffel to Notre Dame, however, you might want to take public transportation as opposed to walking two miles (3.5 km).

Metro and Bus

The subway and buses cover extensive parts of the city. The following prices are for travel within zone 1 and 2, the zones where most of the tourist sights are located. Paris Visite tickets provide unlimited Metro, bus and RER travel plus discounts on sightseeing tours, bicycle rental and purchases at major stores. Prices vary.

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Metro and Bus Tickets

One-ride: €1.60

24 hours: €9, €4.50 reduced

48 hours: €14.70, €7.35 reduced

72 hours: €20, €10 reduced

5-day pass: €28.90, €14.45 reduced

10-rides: €11.60, €5.80 reduced

RER Train

The RER train. is Paris' suburban train system with fewer stops, including a stop at Versailles.

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Note: All prices were accurate when compiled. Please check the Web sites listed for the most up-to-date information.

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